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Holiday Countertop Sculptures


A series of countertop sculptures were designed and developed to be placed on countertops at CHANEL's points of sale (POS) during the holiday season.

Flat ribboned bottle copy.png


To benefit from the existing countertops to divide the space into sections. This gives the area more structure to organise its variety of products, as well as granting the feeling of exclusivity and of privacy when trying on products. The structures also serve to enhance the space with the Holiday branding without having to swap out entire countertops nor manufacture the much more costly alternative of 6" sculptures which stand directly on the ground.

Giftbox Bottle side_edited.jpg


The first structure that has the appearance of a cluster of CHANEL Holiday ribbons is made entirely out of acrylic. This allows it to be one whole piece, thus granting the illusion that the ribbons are floating.


The second truly is made of what it appears to be. The boxes are true CHANEL Holiday wrapping boxes, the ribbon around them are actual Holiday ribbons, the perfume bottles are true CHANEL N°5s, as are their adjacent packaging. All the elements are glued together to avoid them tumbling down. The sculptures were thoughtfully digitally structured to make use of the existing box dimensions to create a whole, taking the form of the iconic CHANEL N°5 bottle.

Giftbox Bottle_edited.jpg



Seoyoung Kwon at CHANEL USA

Average dimensions:

2' x 3' x 4"


Acrylic, cardboard, silk ribbon, CHANEL N°5 bottles.



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