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Stick & Write
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Stick & Write is a set of twenty individually-sized whiteboards used to aid in teaching grammar and word categorisation. They adhere to most surfaces and have attachable tabs to categorise words into, for instance, nouns, adjectives, verbs and pronouns.


Stick & Write promotes group learning and sentence-building through shapes and colour. Intended for first-grade students, this teaching tool is founded on the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and linguistic developmental changes that typically occur at this stage of life. It aims to turn the act of writing into a playful one, encouraging learning. Stick & Write translates the traditionally 2-dimensional task into a 3-dimensional, engaging, hand-held product that prompts stimulation and collaboration; two essential aspects of children's growth.



We performed a great deal of user research, concluding that children of ages 6-7 have a well-developed hand-eye coordination, recognise words by sight, are able to start learning the appropriate use of verb tenses and sentence structure, demonstrate a significant increase in their vocabulary, and enjoy activities involving problem-solving, making and sorting.

After thorough market research, we also came to realise that writing in school at this age is typically carried out individually, often leading to isolation, lack of motivation, and thus a negative connotation with the task. We found that there is an enormous scarcity of writing tools that promote movement; a key factor in cognitive stimulation. 

Apart from these conclusions, we developed four main design goals; the first being durability, such that the product is able to endure classroom conditions. Secondly, multifunctionality, such that it can be used in various learning activities. Third, interaction, thus promoting community engagement and increasing social skills. Lastly, intuitive, such that it is easy for children to learn and use. 

Finally, after ideating, sketching and modelling, we developed a prototype and went to primary schools to user test them. Once we observed the product in use and received feedback, we tended to the features that needed fixing. After another round, we created what is now the final Stick & Write product.

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Joaquim Perez & Alia Sherif at Parsons School of Design

Dimensions of ensemble:

15" x 4" x 5"


Tempered hardboard, microsuction strip, milk paint.

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