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ICEF Rebrand


The rebrand of ICEF, the global market leaders in B2B networking and services for international education.

I was placed in charge of conceptualising, ideating and developing a new Brand Book. Subsequently, I designed all required assets including advertisements, publications, a new website, flyers, mailings, presentations, business cards and physical assets for their networking events. These included all wayfinding, floorplans, wall projections, stage banners and more.


As is the case with most company rebrands, ICEF sought to adapt to changing trends and modernise their visual identity to attract more clients and, ultimately, increase their value and return on investment. The project was a success.


For the first several months of working at ICEF, I carried out all projects with the supervision of the Marketing Director. I mostly used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.


After about a year, the company was able to outsource some of the workload, and my role shifted to creating designs while simultaneously supervising externally developed projects.




ICEF Marketing Team

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