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An online portfolio for an Environmental and Social Impact Investor. The project involved the creation of a visual identity, a logo and, finally, a website. The site was optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.



The project was requested in order to effectively, accurately and visually show potential investors and investees the kinds of projects that this shareholder participates in. It was requested to not involve any SEO such that it would only be visited by the individuals who were directed towards the site by the investor himself.


An earthy colour palette was curated to convey the project's sustainability-focused mission. The first image on the homepage, upon which visitors land when first entering the page is a wild greenhouse. It subtly represents the "incubator" characteristic of the investor, who gets to know seedling companies to then nurture them and help them grow into thriving, self-sustaining entities. The concept of "Elemental" was then engrained into the selection of the four following photographs, which feature the four natural elements involved in the manufacturing processes of the investee projects. The visual identity's soft tones hope to reflect the idea of a positive impact on the world, while its typography conveys the bold nature of its investors.


The logo was constructed in such a way that only the "elemental" pillars of each letter were included. All that is not elemental, or integral to the functionality of each letter, was removed. This, of course, represents the investor's mission to scrap all that is superfluous and to begin constructing businesses that are truly essential and helpful to those who need it the most.


The project was kicked off by becoming familiarised with the needs and desires of the client. We then exchanged visuals to get a better understanding of what the client wanted, and what I could do for them. 3 different moodboards were proposed, and one representing the concept of Earth and its elements was selected. Based on this, the design was developed.

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