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Collaboration with Carolina Rio Branco at Parsons School of Design


SENSE provides a multi-sensory experience of mindfulness and holistic wellness to couples. By means of touch and sound, the aim is to immerse clients in head-to-toe bliss from beginning to end of this ethereal journey.

As the blindfolded couple begins to stroll barefoot through Sense, they are challenged to walk at the same pace by merely sensing each other’s presence. The progression of the path is divided into three surfaces, each representing a different natural setting. Sensors throughout detect the guests’ advancement, indicating to the sound system to smoothly transition to sounds corresponding to the texture beneath the visitors' feet. The journey concludes in a meditative space; the path becomes the entrance to a hot pool, where they may connect with each other by sharing their experience over a cup of herbal infusion. Sense promotes a connection with a guest's partner, their present surroundings, and with their own internal sensations, granting profound mindfulness and mental wellness.

Dimensions: 20"x15"x10"

Intended materials: Tempered wood, rope, rubber handle, screen and metal attaching frame

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