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CHANEL: Serum Launch Podium
2H17_SERUM_MINI_PODIUM_with Sublimage_front_edited.jpg


Upon the release of CHANEL's "Sublimage" serum, a podium was requested to feature the brand's series of serums, clearly highlighting and differentiating their main features. The design was developed and implemented at points of sale.

2H17_SERUM_MINI_PODIUM_with Sublimage_tray.jpg


To showcase the new release of CHANEL's "Sublimage" serum. The installation was also designed to highlight each of the products within the collection and clearly differentiate each of their properties. Testing samples, a mirror and tissues were provided to attract potential customers and create an interactive try-on experience.

Serum in store 2_edited.png
Serum in store detail_edited.jpg



Chris Beatty & Seoyoung Kwon at CHANEL USA


3'4" x 6'


Acrylic, mirror, print.

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