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Catch & Quench


A filtering and purifying reusable water bottle whose grip doubles into a funnel to catch rain. 

The lid stores iodine and taste-neutralising tablets, and reusable granular media filters. When the user is ready to collect water, the tablets and filter are placed inside the bottle's neck and the lid slides into its wide base to provide extra weight and support.

Water may also be collected from fallen water, such as in a pond, by maintaining the grip in its place and scooping it up.

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Inspired by a chain of natural disasters in 2018, a product to serve as an aid in such unfortunate instances felt critical. Flooding, the most common disaster in Mexico City, felt the most close to home and one that has always brought about a need to help provide relief.

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The bottle was made by vacuum forming a sculpted compostable foam. The funnel was formed after several rounds of user-testing to find the ideal shape and size.

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9" x 3" x 3"


Bioplastic and plant-based silicone.

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