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Branding for a company of purchasable electric scooters aimed towards users of 25-50 years of age. By means of providing a more flexible, liberating and sustainable form of daily transport, their mission is to increase happiness, accessibility and efficiency amongst their user.


The proposal consists of an app, a website, a 5.5" x 5.5" publication, street advertising, an image for the company's headquarters and on-product branding.


A kind, yet bold and subtly upscale branding was designed and implemented for Breeze in hopes of attracting their target market and demonstrating their joyful yet functional mission. In line with its potential users, the brand carries a semi-casual feel, inciting a feeling of connection and relatability with its audience.


After weeks of planning out moodboards, the tone of voice and style frames, a concept arose. It then materialised through ideation, sketches and wireframes. These interface designs were then digitalised and gradually polished with Adobe Illustrator, and their mockups developed with the help of Photoshop.